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Need help in SFTP -FILES_TO_GET Configuration


Hi team,

I am integrating SFTP connection with saviynt to download the data files and SAV file

I found the below JSON in connection guide to download the files.

I have few questions on this.

1.Is it mandatory to have both SAV and CSV/data file in same location specified in doc or we can use different file directories?

2.Can saviynt job picks multiple files at once?

eg: list1.csv, list2.csv

Since each file size should not be more than 10MB

3.Is naming convention required for data files like Account1.csv,Account2.csv as we follow for schema uploads.

3. How to Specify SAV file name in JSON?

"eic_dest_dir": "DataFiles",
"src_dir": "/home/data/",
"file_list": [
"eic_dest_dir": "SchemaFiles",
"src_dir": "/home/sav/",
"regex_list": [


Any help would be appreciated.

Sumathi Somala
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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @SumathiSomala ,

1. Both SAV and CSV should be in the same location as mentioned in the Document.

2. Yes it can.

Example: Upload files to the same target directory. To simultaneously upload few files based on name and few files based on the Regex pattern, use the following format:




 3. No naming convention is required for CSV files.

4. You can specify by using the extension .SAV in the regex section or in the file list as file1.sav.

For complete documentation on above points please refer -