Multiple OUs to import AD account

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Hi Team,

Can we use 2 OUs in search filter to import accounts from ?We have 2 OUs one for active accounts and another for inactive ( inactive accounts is a part of root DN in AD ) but we cant use root DN as other OUs are not required to be part and they belong to other connection import .

Example: is AD 

We need OU=activeusers,DC=ABC,DC=XYZ,DC=COM and also OU=inactiveusers,DC=ABC,DC=XYZ,DC=COM accounts to be imported to same endpoints/connection .

Please let me know if any possibility or workaround with syntax ?

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Thank you




Use Advance_filter_json

{"AdvanceFilter":{ "OU=Administration,DC=saviynt,DC=net": [ "(objectClass=*)" ], "OU=Admin,DC=CORP,DC=saviynt,DC=net": [ "(objectClass=*)" ] }}


I checked that only in AD connector guide as well



Will try .

Also any idea how we can differentiate/custom correlation rule ?


Like a a part of OU , we dont have to correlate ?  Based on certain attribute in AD ? or we can give name of OU?

Like: OU=Ankit has 2 10 sub OUs , and out of that I dont want to have one of the OUs to be correlated as account 


You can exclude particular OU using advance_config_json. 

For Correlation - You can use advanced query (case when .. then) under endpoint & write your logic if DN contains OU=SubOU then wrong correlation  user.username=accounts.customproperty50.


Syntax to exclude OU using advance_config_json?


How many distinct OU u have

I want to exclude 2 OUs and also 2 OUs I want to include 

Specifying all ou you want in filter

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Hi @rushikeshvartak ,

If I want to exclude users while correlating account can we put certain attribute not equal to?

"AdvanceFilter": {



co!= India i have added is that right method ? or can we have any particluar syntax you might have tried ?