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Multiple condition not working in User Update Rule

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi All,

I am using 3 different attributes in the User Update Rule where by updating any one of the attributes should trigger a Technical rule which further triggers "Add Account" and "Add Access" Tasks.

When I update any of the User attributes, I don't see the User Update Rule/Technical Rule get triggered in the "User Update History" and I see no Pending tasks generated.

User Update Rule:

Trigger Actions When: Trigger when User is updated from UI.


Technical Rule:


But If I use any one of any of the 3 attributes in the User Update Rule, then I see the User Update Rule and Technical Rule getting triggered in the User Update History and generating the pending tasks.

User Update Rule (with only one attribute in Condition)


I am using the version 24.2. Also able to trigger the User Update rules through the 'Advanced Config'.
Please suggest whether the User Update rule and Parenthesis were correctly mentioned or required to make any settings or changes in the Global Configuration.

Thanks & Regards,


Valued Contributor III
Valued Contributor III

@Saviynt_Savvy  use below and modiy check braces 




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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @Saviynt_Savvy ,

In case the above solution isn't working. Please share the logs.

Also try the below code in Advanced Config

( like '%freshservice%' and ( isupdated##)) or (a.departmentname='MNG' and (##a.departmentname isupdated##)) or (a.title='Manager' and (##a.title isupdated##))


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Hi @PremMahadikar ,
As I mentioned in the post, I'm able to trigger the rules through advanced configuration, but not through normal configuration.
Any suggestion why the normal configuration is not working.

Thanks & Regards,

@Saviynt_Savvy ,

I replicated the same (24.1v). The rule is getting picked up in the logs, but errored out!

The issue is not with double or single braces! 

This is bug! Please raise a Freshdesk ticket on the original request. 

With normal configuration this is working in v24.4 so either upgrade or use advanced configuration 

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @rushikeshvartak@PremMahadikar , @Raghu .

Now I have upgraded to version 24.5.
I have configured the below User Update Rule to trigger an Update Account Task.

Saviynt_Savvy_3-1716687644079.pngOnce I updated the Location attribute for the user, in the User Update History, I see ONLY the above rule got triggered as shown below.

But in the Pending Tasks, along with the Update Account Task, I see "Remove Access Tasks" generated through the below Technical Rule (Enabled - Remove Access if Birthright fails, NOT Detective).


In the above Technical Rule, I do not have the location attribute in condition, but it still got triggered and created the 'remove access' tasks.


The Observation
is, when I don't have the LOCATION attribute in the Technical Rule, how could it even triggers the Birthright Rule.
One more observation I have made is, the Technical Rule has 5 attributes in it's condition. But when I limit the condition to only 3 or less than 3 attributes, then the Technical Rule won't trigger the "Remove Access" tasks.

Could you please suggest why the Technical Rule got triggered when it doesn't have the LOCATION attribute in its Condition.

Is it a bug! or should reconfigure the User Update Rule or Technical Rule.

Thanks & Regards,

Reconfigure rule with advanced query and proper parenthesis (brackets)

Rushikesh Vartak
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