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Map ExtensionProperty attribute - Azure AD connector

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

I'm trying to pull in 'employeeId' from Azure AD via the connector. The attribute is embedded in the 'ExtensionProperty' attribute in Azure:

ExtensionProperty : {[odata.metadata,$metadata#directoryObjects/@Element],
[odata.type, Microsoft.DirectoryServices.User], [createdDateTime, 4/24/2018 6:52:23 AM], [employeeId,

The regular mapping "customproperty4": "employeeId" doesn't work because the connector is unable to detect the employeeID field.

How can I extract it using the connector?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


There was a similar question asked in the forum before, please see if this helps.



Avinash Chhetri

Hi Avinash,

I looked through the solution & had 2 questions:

- I'll need the employeeId attribute for provisioning. Keeping this in mind, does it make sense to use the graph API? 

- can I import extended attributes using the REST connector the same way as other attributes like below?

colsToPropsMap": {
          "customproperty1": "employee_number~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY2": "last_name~#~char",
          "customproperty3": "name~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY4": "first_name~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY5": "department~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY6": "location~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY7": "email~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY8": "manager~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY9": "country~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY10": "phone~#~char",
          "CUSTOMPROPERTY11": "title~#~char",
          "name": "user_name~#~char",
          "status": "active~#~char",
          "accountID": "sys_id~#~char"



Did you try out the reference solution ? Were you able to pull in the employeeID by modifying the AzureAD Connector ?

Provisioning does use a REST Connector, so you "should" be able to populate the employeeID values.

I have not used the REST Connector for AzureAD for reconciliation operations so I am not sure on the complexity and the effort involved.



Avinash Chhetri