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Mail enabled group for access control and mailing

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

We have requirement from our learning app team to simplify the process of assigning users to the specific group, that would be giving access to the training in the learning portal and would give possibility to send email to the users assigned to it. Currently app owner has to create role in the app and assign users to it, then has to raise request to create mail enabled group in AD and again add the same users to this group. Is it possible that Saviynt can handle mail enabled AD group creation as soon as access role is created in learning app and imported to Saviynt? Or can Saviynt create a role in the app as soon as mail enabled AD group is created? Saviynt should be able as well to manage access to these groups automatically, so that if users are assigned to one of these groups, they are added to the other as well.


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

@Dorota_P Do you already have other Group management use cases in EIC?
Mail enabled AD security group should be simple to create from EIC group management. (You have to configure your AD connection parameter - createupdateMappings)

Vivek Mohanty

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