Logging Levels for JAR

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Hi All,
I have deployed an external jar in jar server, for which pulls data from accounts table and updates in users table for some attributes , now I have configured some logs in jar , but now I cannot able to see those logs in application logs in saviynt , can anyone help me how to see my logs which I have configured in jar can be seen in saviynt application logs.

example logs:

logger.debug("username :" + username);

logger.info("Inside main() : method");




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Hi @Saviynt_newbie ,

It should be visible under the debug logs  on UI.

Make sure to restart the services after jar upload.


Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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Thanks for response @pmahalle 
we do restart server after we place jar in sever.
But still cannot able to see logs 
Do we need to do any changes in log4j2.xml in my jar ?
I have attached a screen shot of configuration. can you please suggest any changes?

Please do restart from Server & use sysouts