Issue in Importing customAttributes using Azure OOTB connector

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HI Guys,

As per our customer requirement, i am trying to import one of the azure AD attribute employeeID from azure AD to saviynt Azure AD account. But we are not able to do even it has been mapped to one custom attribute in account object. is there any limitation that only default attributes can be mapped with EIC as mentioned in following document.

what should we do to achieve this requirement.?

Account Attribute Mapping JSON used in the connector

"acctLabels": {
"customproperty1": "FirstName",
"customproperty2": "LastName",
"displayName": "displayName~#~char",
"customproperty21": "usageLocation",
"customproperty10": "AccountStatus",
"customproperty22": "employeeId"
"colsToPropsMap": {
"accountID": "id~#~char",
"name": "userPrincipalName~#~char",
"customproperty1": "givenName~#~char",
"customproperty2": "surname~#~char",
"displayName": "displayName~#~char",
"customproperty21": "usageLocation~#~char",
"customproperty10": "accountEnabled~#~char",
"customproperty22": "employeeId~#~char"


document link :



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Found following information from logs where it is only passing predefined attribute names while importing data from Azure AD.


Hi @sampath18 ,

Have you added the attributes to be imported in the ACCOUNT_IMPORT_FIELDS parameter in the connector?

Sample values:


Naveen Sakleshpur
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Hi @naveenss  Thanks for quick help. I missed to notice that filed. I updated it with list of required attributes, now able to employeeid attribute. Kudos for your prompt help.