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Involving requester/enduser in the approval (entitlement or Role request )completion at real time

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi Team,

Our requirement  :  We have Mobile Device enrollment (using AD Groups) requesting process-whenever user raises a request it will go for 2 level approval , once its approved  from then user has 6 hours time left to  register mobile device. When approvers are approving by that time  User is not online ( due to time zones).

tried 3 level approval - 1st-2nd-enduser , but its  going to admin - so workflow is not supporting.

So User should know that request is approved/completed he has 6 hours left -  we need to involve in the approval process and some pending action to him so that he will take action - he know 6 hours window.

Any inputs on this?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

The request is going to admin as a requestor cannot approve their own request. You could maybe add 3rd level approver as a UserGroup made up of support users from all time zones and they approve the request only when they get a mail from the end user to approve the request. 

Ishan Kamat
Technical Architect, Professional Services


Since this is required only for notification instead of workflow use custom jar/ analytics to send notification about remaining hours

Rushikesh Vartak
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