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Invitation based Applications

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I have an application that I am having trouble integrating in Saviynt. Here is the flow:

1. Create user task runs, user will receive email asking to activate the account. Account will show up in endpoint due to successful status code.

2. Account import runs, user does not show up in get user call because they have not activated their account via email yet. Account status is then suspended from import service. 

There is no API to check invitation status and the response from the create user call does not provide us with their login_id that is generated by the target application.

Has anyone had any luck with invitation based applications where you cannot get invite status?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @ZA 

Firstly, this is an expected behavior provided you have marked accountnotinfileaction="Suspend" during imports.

I can think of the below recommendations...
a) Set accountnotinfileaction="noaction" provided this has no impact on your use cases
b) Check if the target system has an API that returns all accounts, regardless of the account activation status
c) If the API in the new account creation call has a different API response/status code when the email was sent v/s when the account is already created/activated, then you can handle the "successful email sent" response as a failure and the "account is already created/activated" response/status code as a success. That way the task remains open when the email is sent and closes only when the "account is already created/activated" response/status code is sent.