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Instruction to provisioning team for new account tasks generated thorough BR

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have a peculiar use case where we have to set up a BR rule in which if employee type =employee and user's customproperty5=12345 then we create a new account in ENDPOINT A with the same access as account B (for all users who are employee and have CP5 as 12345 should be modeled after account B). We don't have entitlement stored in Saviynt and this is for the reference of provisioning team.  

As this is a disconnected app, provisioning team needs to know whose access to copy from. In ARS, we already have a dynamic attribute called "copy access from" which allows users to copy access from all the accounts (this is stored in account's custom property40). Thus, for the access request generated through ARS, we have "copy access" available in pending task which allows provisioning team to know whose access to copy from while creating new account.

We want the similar thing for pending task generated through BR rule. We basically have to add either comment or instructionthat would say copy access from account B (this can be hardcoded as all the new account task generated through BR should be modeled after account B) in the pending task

Is this doable?





Currently its not supported. You can provide access to View Existing Tile to Provisioning team and they can search users based customproperty of users and copy access.

Rushikesh Vartak
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