Incoming Mail ARS job is not working and showing an error message.

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We recently changed to OAuth for the Incoming Mail ARS job (Actionable email job).

We are not seeing any response in the Job log and the email-based approval is not working. When an approver approves through mail, that email is being received in the Inbox. But Saviynt is not able to process it.

The error in the logs is:

{"log":"2023-01-25 17:32:23,331 [quartzScheduler_Worker-8] ERROR services.EmailerService - Exception in pullObjectsByRest : 403\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-01-25T17:32:23.331330185Z"}

Also, I wanted to make sure I am configuring everything correctly in the SMTP configuration.

I have provided the Client ID, Tenant ID, Client Secret, User ID, Message Starts With, Folder Name

I have provided the Usern ID as:  "".

Is this the correct format of User ID or is it something else?

I am attaching the relevant screenshots. 


1 (1).png

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You have issue with authentication, Validate Client ID/Secret 

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We are having this exact issue, too. Did you find a solution? I do not think it is a secret issue because we are both able to connect and send mail on behalf of the mailbox.