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Import and Provisioning of Azure Role Assignment

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

For Azure AD Integration able to import all the Entitlement Types as per Saviynt Documentation.


But as per Application Team the requirement to import and assign Azure Roles. Couldn't find anything regarding Azure Roles in documentation.

Is Azure AD Connector supports Import/Provisioning of Azure Roles? Is there any steps or documentation for the same?






Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Is it different from directoryRole?

You can check docs what entitlement type is supported in ootb connector. Otherwise, you need to import with rest connector

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

For all user operations AzureAD  uses graph APIs which work fine.
But for Azure Roles it is not supported by graph API. It uses separate API.
Documentation link:
For this we need separate Rest API again to manage Azure Roles only. 

So the question: Is it possible to use 2 Connections for a single Endpoint for Recon and Provisioning? Is there any way we can configure it? Can you check once with Azure AD Connector Team how it can be might have done with other customers?