If Role owner gets terminated then we wanted to auto populate the role owner's manager as Role Owner

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Hello All,

We have a requirement when role owner gets terminated or inactivated. We wanted to  populate role owner's manager as the role owner so that all the requests will be routed.

Is there any OOTB configuration ? If not, how can we achieve this ?



Sai Phani



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @SaiPhani ,

We are checking on this and we will keep you posted.

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if you have the 'Owner on Terminate' to be the user's manager in the user details page of the identities, then, you can use the 'Transfer Ownership' action in your termination rule. This will set the terminated user's manager as the owner of the roles 



Transfer Role Ownership: Used to transfer the ownership pertaining to a Role. For example, if user x is the Role owner and the user y is the Owner on Terminate then if user x is deactivated, user y will be the owner of the Role.

OwnerOnTerminate must be pre-defined in the current user definition before the current owner is terminated.