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Identity Lifecycle Management in automate provisioning and de provisioning.

New Contributor
New Contributor


  • Use Case: Automating the provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts across various systems and applications.
  • Saviynt enables automated user provisioning and deprovisioning workflows, ensuring that users have appropriate access based on their roles and responsibilities from the day they join to the day they leave the organization.
  • how to implement this practically in Saviynt
  • Automate the provisioning and deprovisioning in the system .

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @lakshman , you can use technical and user update rule for the same scenario.

Technical rule to use be used when a new user is onboarded and they have to provided with some initial access.

User update rule when user is terminated and we want to remove all the accounts/access of user


Hi @lakshman ,

1. Create technical rule with condition having user's status as active check & other required criteria too. Add action (access to be provisioned) and make sure to check the below checkboxes in you rule. 

  • Birth Right 
  • Remove Birthright Access if condition fails



2. Create update rule with such conditions which will triggered on user terminations. Add action as R-run technical rules in it to trigger above created technical rule which is created in step1.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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