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How to remove role from users who doesn't have entitlements which are from the role?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


I have one requirement where users need to get removed from the roles by actionable analytics report.

1) Enterprise Role has A, B, C entitlements.

2) User 1, 2, 3 assigned to the role and also they have those 3 entitlements.

3) Their entitlements got revoked for some reason and they don't have any entitlements from the role, which means they don't have any records that have assignedfromroles value.

In this situation, how can i remove those 3 users from the role? Also, it should be wonderful if i get the query for it.



Run Role Retrofit Job which will populate mapping between roles entitlement to account.  post that using actionable analytics remove role . You can remove role from user if any 1 entitlement assigned to user from role.


if user does not have any entitlement from role then you can’t remove role . (Current product limitations)

to remove such user add any dummy entitlement to user then run retrofit job

rushikeshvartak_0-1719182251922.png product limitation idea

Rushikesh Vartak
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