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How to prevent no entitlement account

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello Team,

One of our target system has the following requirements:
1. when the create account ARS request is submitted, the account has to have at least one associated entitlement.
2. The last associated entitlement of the account could not be removed by using remove Access ARS.

It is to make sure that if the account is valid, it has at least one entitlement.

I checked the Entitlements with New Account feature. it seemed could not fit into our requirements.

Any ideas on how this can be implemented?




Use EntitlementsOnly under Security System create task action


Create Task Action

This field allows the administrator to define creating tasks for both accounts and entitlements or only entitlements. The parameter provides you the following options:

  • Select: This is the default option, this option creates the tasks for both account and entitlements. If the entitlement request is rejected and the account is approved, the account is provisioned along with the task creation of the account. As entitlement is rejected, a task is created for entitlement but entitlement request is denied.

  • EntitlementsOnly: Select this option to prevent creating a separate Create Account task, when creating an account and entitlement are requested together.

    • If EntitlementsOnly is selected and the approver completes approving the account and entitlement, the task for entitlement is created after completing approval of account and entitlement. An account is created only after approval of the entitlement request. No task is created for the account.

    • Use this option to create a task for entitlements only and wait for the entitlement to get approved, and then create an account.

    • Using this option you can also create Add Access tasks for the entitlements that are available in Entitlements with New Account tab.

Rushikesh Vartak
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