how to connect an onprem applications using aws direct connect

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New Contributor III

In our use case, client is not going to use SC2.0 to connect to onprem application. Instead AWS direct connect should be used to manage onprem applications. 

I am not able to find any documentation for this use case. How would I use the connectors like DB,LDAP, AD etc using AWS Directconnect credentials. 

Please provide some reference if available to use here. 


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Regular Contributor III

Hi @abhiupadhyay ,

You're right, there is no proper documentation for this.

However this is still achievable by contacting your Saviynt's Customer Success Manager to request for Infra team to coordinate with customer's AWS team, so you ask them to share the AWS Account IDs and perform a VPC Peering.

Once AWS accounts are linked together, customer's infra team needs to enable routing from the VPC to On Premise applications using the appropriate flows configuration and port openings.

Hope this helps !