How to change Dashboard colors based on count

New Contributor
New Contributor

Dear Experts,

We have created elastic search analytics to reflect the count of the roles in the analytics dashboard. We are able to fetch the count in the dashboard. But based on the count we are not able to change the dashboard colors. For example

1.if count is high we are expecting the dashboard color to be RED.

2.if count is high we are expecting the dashboard color to GREEN.

We are using query like this

select distinct (r.ROLE_NAME),r.DISPLAYNAME from roles r,role_owners ro where r.ROLEKEY in (select ROLEKEY from roles where ROLETYPE in (3,4) and (customproperty3 !='BIRTHRIGHT' or customproperty3 is null)) and r.rolekey=ro.rolekey and ro.rank not in (3,4,5) and r.status=1

We are using ES tile Dashboard chart properties like this

[{"tileType":1,"data":16467,"colorClass":"dashboard-stat blue","displayName":"SIGA - Enterprise and Emergency roles without having role approvers (Rank 3/4/5)","clickable":"yes","objectName":"Roles","className":"dashboard-stat red-intense","clickType":"analytics"}]

Could you please help on this.

Thanks in advance,



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

I assume from the ask above that you are looking for dynamic color depending on the value of the dashboard item. This is not supported as of now. 
Alternatively you can leverage the control center for the same. In this you can define the KPI by binding it to your analytics query and then have a threshold value defined. If results are above threshold control center chart will indicate it (not a color change but).