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How the Account creation/Disable happens for Saviynt for Saviynt ?

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Hi Team,
We have SaviyntforSaviynt connectior(DB based) and wanted to understand how the create account and Account disable is happening for the users.
We have not defined the any techincal rule and nnot requesting a account for Savforsav and we have scheduled the accountsimport job. Upon completion of the Accountsimport job accounts are getting created for the users and also no tasks present.

Even for disable case also, we have not defined the any User update rules to trigger the Disableaccountjson but accounts are moving to inactive.

Can you please share the connector guide and how the above cases are working? 




Hi @AravindK,

Since you created SaviyntforSaviynt DB connection  which is pointing to the same DB and Users table where your users present. So accountsimport  imports the records from Users table itself. That's why, once user is created entry/record get added into Users table and after accountsimport new account get added to user.

Similarly SaviyntforSaviynt account's status mapped to statuskey of the user. So once user is disabled, account status also changed to inactive after accountimport job.

Hope it helps.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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accountsimport  reads data from users table and create account under Saviynt application if account is missing  or if account is exists and status of user is inactive then status will be marked inactive for account also same has been defined in SQL query

Rushikesh Vartak
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