How should I setup credentials for a Saviynt Service account?

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New Contributor

Hi all,

We have SSO enabled in our current instance so we don't require any passwords to authenticate into Saviynt.

However, the APIs require a username/password in order to authenticate the requests. I have attempted to setup a user and manually specified the password for Admin Functions AND also resetting the password by logging into the service account itself. Both methods still result in 401 unauthorized when attempting to create an access token with the service account credentials.

How should I be setting the password for this service account?





Assuming you are already using this api/service account for calling APIs, the localauthenabled attribute on the user profile should already be 1. This attribute dictates whether local authentication would be allowed for a user when SSO is enabled on your application.

In that scenario, you can reset the password for your user using the 'changePassword' API.

Password change via this API would not set passwordexpired to 1 and hence the set password should work.


In case you still see a 401 after a password change via the api, check the localauthenabled value for your user via Analytics.

You can then set the value for localauthenabled as 1 via SaviyntForSaviynt user import or via CustomQuery job.

Manish Kumar