How long will CUSTOMQUERYJOB feature be available?

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Our customer is using the 5.5 branch and CUSTOMQUERYJOB is marked as being depricated. It has been used a lot for many maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

When can we expect this feature to not be available anymore? Is there a feature that can be used instead? Using the APIs for every small db update is not a very good option.



in v2020.0 its available but named as Deprecated so in future it might be



v2021 - You can't create new customquery job but you can use existing jobs



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Saviynt Employee

Hi @Sampsa 
We are still supporting the CUSTOMQUERYJOB in the latest EIC v2022. Please refer to our product documentation.

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Copy/Pasting here - You should be able to access it. 

EIC Migration - Considerations and Guidelines for Custom queries


Custom Query Job v2  is the new and improved framework to create and manage Custom queries in EIC. v2 includes many updates and features, such as faster execution time, less susceptible to deadlocks etc. 

What's New with Custom Query Job v2:

  • Faster execution time, less susceptible to deadlock.
  • Option to have Rollback turned OFF on execution failure
  • Preview mode
  • UI validations to ensure correctness of the query

With the introduction of Custom Query Job v2 we have also introduced certain restrictions in the Custom Query v1 to encourage the usage of v2 and avoid the known issues with v1.  So when migrating the application from previous versions to EIC, keep in mind the following considerations and limitations for existing custom queries as described in below section. Remediation may need to be performed on existing queries as applicable to make them compatible with EIC.


EIC -  Custom Query v1 restrictions

  • Managing Existing Queries 

    • Existing queries will be migrated as part of the migration and will continue to work as is. But some Custom queries may not function post migration because of restrictions imposed such as DDL statements, Calling functions/procedures etc.
    • Only schedule can be modified for existing queries post migration.
    • No other modifications will be allowed (Existing query logic/syntax cannot be changed)
    • Existing triggers containing operations like ALTER, DELETE, TRUNCATE, etc. will not be allowed (only INSERT and UPDATE allowed)
  • New Job Triggers

Creation of new job triggers will not be supported for custom query v1 in EIC. Any new trigger need to use Custom Query v2.

  • Stored procedures

Usage of stored procedures are not allowed in EIC. Hence calling stored procedures within the custom query is also not supported anymore. Any existing query performing this operation need to be remediated.

  • DB Functions

Usage of DB functions are not allowed in EIC.  Hence calling DB function within the custom query is also not supported anymore. Any existing query performing this operation need to be remediated. 


EIC - Guidelines for Custom query v2

  • Unsupported statements

The following statements are not supported:

  • DDL statements: Create, alter, and drop are not supported
  • Changes to USERS table are restricted, INLINE PREPROCESSOR to be used instead. Select is allowed.
  • Changes (Insert / delete/ Update) are also not supported on following tables:
    • p_history
    • userlogin_access
    • qrtz tables
  • Updates not allowed for tables having composite primary keys eg. user_accounts, role_owners, etc.
  • Multiple Queries per trigger (Only Single query per trigger are allowed)
  • Calling DB functions and Stored procedures from custom query not allowed
  • Supported statements

The following statements are supported:

  • Select / Insert / delete/ Update are supported on Tables (Except for the tables mentioned under Unsupported Statements)
  • Select is supported on Users Table

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Thanks Dave and Belwyn for this new information. 

In what version this new v2 custom query functionality will be?

We don't have access to this Freshdesk link, can you change it's permissions?:



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Community Manager

Just following-up that I have asked my contact that manages FreshDesk, and I will report back what they say.   Thank you. 

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New Contributor III


Did you got some information about this and when this version 1 and version 2 separation will be taken into use?