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How does the REPLACE_MAPPING dataset work for special characters?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

In the 2022 version, we see that when we import a user with certain special characters those characters are not changed.  Then if you update any attribute on the user, it seems to fire off a replace of special characters with the replace_mapping dataset.  We would like to change which characters are replaced.  Questions on this:

1.How is this dataset being used.  There values look like this:


1. What actions cause this replace to happen?  (Example we see it on a user attribute edit, but not on a create.)

2. Do we have the option to edit this dataset to change what characters are replaced, and if so what is the format needed (is the replace doing on a contains or is it a full match, etc.)?

3. Is there a configuration setting to disable the replace and then we could create our own and do the logic we need ourselves?



New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I'm curious about this too.

There is some limited relevant documentation in "Database Functions" and the sub-articles of "Managing Datasets".

There's a function FN_EIC_REPLACE, that utilizes that table, and you can either modify that dataset or replace it with your own. For the latter, it's unclear if its mandatory to use ATTRIBUTE_KEYS and ATTRIBUTE_VALUES in the column name scheme, or not, etc.

I'm also not entirely sure how it fetches the keys since I don't see ATTRIBUTE_KEY values for basic accent characters- perhaps they are included already and just don't render properly in the interface, or it uses the individual characters within the key?


Please raise FD ticket for same with required details

Rushikesh Vartak
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