How do add a key as a authoirzation parameter in REST Connection, Connector JSON?

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while doing a put call, the API uses two parameters for authorization - key and bearer token. I have tried adding them in my below update Account Json, but this is not working. could you please give some advice on how do we apply key and access token-based authorization in rest connections.?


"accountIdPath": "",
"dateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssXXX",
"responseColsToPropsMap": {},
"call": [{
"name": "call1",
"connection": "userAuth",
"httpMethod": "PUT",
"httpParams": "{\"id\": \"${account.accountID}\",\"userName\": \"\",\"active\": true,\"locale\": \"EN_US\",\"clientAttributes\": [{ \"clientId\": 7319,\"userType\": \"CLIENT_USER\",\"businessCategory\": \"CORPORATE\",\"clientCustomPropertiesUpdateRequest\":{\"clientCustomProperties\": {\"5b1e7b9de4b071d670936d75\": [\"All - Admin - Global View Only\",\"All - Admin - Sprinklr Admin\",\"All - Admin - OC Content Reviewer\",\"All - Admin - Governance Admin\"]}}}],\"createMissingClient\": true,\"deleteMissingClient\":  false}",
"httpHeaders": {
"content-Type": "application/scim+json",
"Accept": "application/scim+json",
"Authorization": "${access_token}",
                        "key": "<keyvalue>" 
"httpContentType": "application/scim+json",
"successResponses": {
"statusCode": [200, 201, 204]
"unsuccessResponses": {
"statusCode": [400, 404,500]
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Hi @vinitamulchanda ,

Is it working in postman?


Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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Yes , from postman it is working fine.