how can we set primary certifier of AD entitlement without feed file and manual way?

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New Contributor

AD group owners will certify the access that members of those AD Groups will be approved or denied.

To implement this, we need to set owner of AD group as primary certifier . We checked that without setting primary certifier owner , its not selecting in entitlement owner campaign.

One way is manually add primary certifier or there is feed file entitlement Owner feed file , we can2021 update feed file with owners as primary certifier..

Customer is not ready to maintain feed file. They want some automated way so that current owner which is set as AD group owner should be set as Primary certfier.

How we can set current owner of AD group as ad primary certifier automated way ...?

Request to give pointers on this ASAP.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @shilpab 

You can make use of the Rest Api from which owners can be updated apart from feed file or csv


The other way would be to use Sav4Sav to update ent owners with rank1 to rank26.