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How can we filter the data before importing a CSV into Saviynt?

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

How can we filter the data before importing a CSV into Saviynt? For instance, if the CSV contains various users with different user types (such as employees and contractors), and we only want to import users with "employee" as their user type, is there a method to accomplish this without manually modifying the CSV?


Chirag Gupta


Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

@Chirag_Gupta  We can't , before import , at the time export you can apply filter and get data wherever better apporch.


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New Contributor II
New Contributor II

I came across a similar discussion where they recommended utilizing a pre-processor to accomplish this task. @Raghu 

Exclude particular value from "Employee type" in u... - Saviynt Forums - 13856

How can we employ a pre-processor to selectively filter out users before initiating the import process?



Hi @Chirag_Gupta ,

Inline-Preprocessor is the answer for your question.

Refer below documentation to prepare the code: 

Normalizing the Identity Data Using the User Import Preprocessor (

Solved: Re: User upload without creation - Saviynt Forums - 90730

Sample code to refer:


"USERS": "SELECT username,COMPANYNAME,employeetype FROM USERS"
"DELETE FROM NEWUSERDATA where NEWUSERDATA.employeetype!='Employee'"


Use this code in the user import before 'Upload and Preview':


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