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Handling Rehire Scenario

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi All,

We have a rehire scenario where if a user joins back the organization within 30 days of termination his account should get reactivated and should get back the same access but if he joins after 30 days of termination his account will be reactivated and it will be assigned new access.

Can you help us on how this requirement can be addressed?

We want to implement this using user update scenario, we have tried using date_diff function in user update rule but it did not work.


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Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi @varshasingh ,

Please check if the following approach suits your requirement,

1) Use a user customproperty to store the user status as below

Active - when statuskey=1 and term date =null
Disabled - when statuskey=0 and difference between current date and term date is less than 30 days
Terminated - when statuskey=0 and difference between current date and term date is more than 30 days

2) Create a sav for sav connection to update this field and schedule it to run everyday

3) You can reactivate the account only if you have disabled it upon user termination and not revoked. Hence create the rules accordingly

4) Create user update rules to enable the account

   Enable account when userstatuskey is updated and user.customproperty is updated and status key equal to 0 and user.customproperty is disabled or terminated