GrantAccess JSON is not working for SOAP Connector to QAD Target Application

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Hello Team,

For QAD Application, Roles is in the format of "Domian~Entity~Role", there is a requirement that when we grant access to a Role, initially one domain should be assigned a default domain and that domain should have the default value set to true for additional requests too. The other domain should be set to false, this is done through SOAP Request using property/tag "<UsrDomainIsDefault>true/false</UsrDomainIsDefault>" To achieve this, there is a custom API given which is included in GRANTACCESSJSON. Can we use if/else in JSONs for SOAP Requests? or please let us know if there is any possible solution for this?

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


You should be able to use if/else in a SOAP connector. here's a sample that uses ternary operator based on the user's attribute.

<bsvc:ID bsvc:type=\"${user.customproperty8==null?'Employee_ID':'Contingent_Worker_ID'}\">${user.employeeid}</bsvc:ID>



Avinash Chhetri