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Getting SAVRoles permissions and Endpoints Access Query in Saviynt ServiceNow App

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


We are willing to integrate Saviynt ServiceNow App for a customer as he's willing to use SNOW as Request Form.

However, I would like to make sure the integration with the plugin is seamless for the following use cases :

  • In any Endpoint, you can setup an Access Query to limit the visibility for end users to get access to an application (e.g "users.identityType = 'Employee'", to prevent contractors from having any resource in this app). Q: Is the Access Query transferred to Saviynt ServiceNow plugin ?
  • In the same Access Query, we can dynamically mention who can request access to an application, using ${requester} and reach for his/her SAVRoles. > Q : Are SAVRoles synchronized in Saviynt ServiceNow plugin ?
  • In Saviynt we can configure dynamic attributes to either complete an account request or filter Roles / Entitlements. These dynamic attributes can also be configured in Saviynt ServiceNow plugin, but as per documentation, they appear at the end of the request (meaning after selecting access to provide to users). > Q: Can we tell dynamic attributes in ServiceNow to filter entitlements in a standard way, or is it custom development ?

Thanks & Regards.