Getting error in Saviynt during disable the Admin Account.

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Hi Team,
We are unable to provision disable account request (created vis Postman API call) for Admin Account that is linked with the user.
API call body:
  "endpoint""Active Directory PA",
API url:
Replication Step:
1> In Saviynt, user Savi ExUse115 (90000007) is linked with admin-savie.
2> we send the disable account API request from Postman.
3. Throwing error "USERNAME verms - 7 is not associated with ACCOUNTNAME admin-savie - 820754".
Note: We have seen in our testing as per below.
>For Admin account if account is not linked with user we can disable the account with normal API request.
>But If account is linked with user then there is two case user should generate the token and disable the account or admin access person should login the saviynt and unlink the account first and then disable request would be placed.
Could you assist in this issue?

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Rushikesh,

I have also tried with requestor, but I got the below error. I gave the requestor as username that is attached with admin account but it showed my username (I have generated the token).



Are you able to disable admin account without api ?

Does user assigned to only 1 account