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Getting assigned date for an enterprise role

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II


I was trying to get the initial granting date of an enterprise role for an user.

below is what i have tried with a result

select r.rolekey, r.displayname as 'role name', rua.startdate, u.startdate as 'userstart', u.username as 'EMP ID', ev.customproperty2 as 'App Name',ev.displayname as 'displayname',ev.entitlement_valuekey as entvaluekey,a.accountkey as acctKey,a.name as 'accName'

from accounts a, endpoints e, account_entitlements1 ae1, entitlement_values ev, users u, user_accounts ua, roles r ,role_user_account rua
where u.userkey=ua.userkey and a.accountkey=ua.accountkey and a.endpointkey=e.endpointkey and ae1.accountkey=a.accountkey and ae1.entitlement_valuekey=ev.entitlement_valuekey and 
and r.rolekey=ae1.assignedfromrole and r.rolekey=rua.rolekey

and rua.startdate like '2023-06-26%'


and If you remove the filter in the query for the specific date like "rua.startdate like '2023-06-26%'"


the startdate will be changed whether it's initial date or not.

Can you please let me know why "startdate" has more than 2 records in the same field and how would I get the initial granting date for an role ?




Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Sorry I found the problem.

I missed user table to connect to role_user_account(u.userkey=rus.uerkey)