Get the Analytics report of Approved request Details of CPAM application

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have a requirement to get the details of the request which are being Approved for CPAM EBS and Siebel Application.

We tried with the below query:

select distinct t.taskkey as 'Task_ID',SUBSTRING_INDEX(ar.jbpmprocessinstanceid,'.', - 1) AS 'Request ID',ar.endpointascsv AS endpoint, ua.displayname as User ,u.displayname as REQUESTOR,ev.ENTITLEMENT_VALUE as 'Entitlement_Name',ar.REQUESTDATE ,a.displayname as 'Entitlement Approver' from arstasks t join ars_requests ar on ar.requestkey = t.requestkey join users ua on ua.userkey = t.userkey join request_access ra on ra.requestkey=ar.requestkey join entitlement_values ev on t.ENTITLEMENT_VALUEKEY=ev.ENTITLEMENT_VALUEKEY join access_approvers aa on aa.request_access_key=ra.request_accesskey join users u on u.userkey = ar.REQUESTOR join users a on aa.approveby=a.userkey where ar.status in (3) and aa.status in (2) and t.tasktype in (1) and t.status in (3) and ar.endpointascsv = "EBS Test" ;

This above query is giving us the required data for other applications which are configured (Rest/Disconnected Apps) however we are not able to get the Similar details for PAM based applications.

How to get the details for?


Saviynt version:23.4v




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Souvik 

It may be due to some tables may dont have the data, I think you can easily check by breaking the query and see where the data is missing up. You can first join ars request and tasks table and then go on joining next tables.