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Generate Unique Emails without considering the domain

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

We have a requirement where we need to generate emails of the imported Users by only considering the mailnickname part for uniqueness and not the domain, For e.g - if we have one Employee as John Doe whose email gets generated as and if a contractor comes of exactly same name John Doe - it should generate as .

Could you please help on how we can achieve this use case via email generation rule advanced query without using any custom jar. Please note we also have the proxyaddresses stored in the Data_Attributes table's Email column which is being checked by Saviynt while generating the email.


Hi, We need a different solution for this, the above links are completely different, we want to achieve unicity of emails without considering the domain part during email generation. like if one rushikesh vartak exists with email ID as and another user comes of domain xyz, with same name it should genrate the email as , Is this possible to be achieved via adanced query of email generation rule?