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Existing AD Entitlements not tied to Role uploaded in CSV file

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


I am in trouble because I cannot upload Roles as I want.

I am trying to create multiple new Roles by uploading a CSV file.
Each of these Roles has its own AD Entitlements.

For these Entitlements, we use the ones we have already imported from AD.
So we don't want to create a new Entitlement with this file upload.

But if I actually do the upload, this task will create the same Entitleme

nt that I already have.
I can turn off "Select check to create Entitlement Value" to prevent new creation, but now the Entitlement is not tied.
So I think my configured Entitlement Value is somehow different from the existing Entitlement Value, but I can't find the difference.

How can I solve this problem?
By the way, this seems to be a problem in AD, and when I tried it with Entitlements in Service Now, the existing Entitlements were successfully linked to the Role.




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @JohnDoe 

This looks more like a issue in csv file and ent value names you are giving in the csv file which is causing the issue, can you provide me the csv file ( role details and ent values ), Also ent value details screenshot which you tried so that we can check. ( may be the ent type you are missing to mention just check it out )