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excludedAttributesForPasswordBinding:null while performing Update Account

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello All,

We are trying to update user in Saviynt and getting excludedAttributesForPasswordBinding:null (LDAP Error Code 53) .

Note: for few users update is working fine if cn=Txxxx in both Saviynt and AD, but failing if cn=Txxxx in saviynt and cn=txxxx in AD.




The LDAP error code 53 typically indicates that there is an issue with the LDAP operation, such as an object not found or insufficient access rights. In this case, it seems like there might be a mismatch between the naming attributes (commonName, cn, in your case) in Saviynt and Active Directory (AD).

When updating a user's attributes in an LDAP directory like AD, it's crucial to use the correct distinguished name (DN) or relative distinguished name (RDN) to uniquely identify the user.

If the cn attribute value is different between Saviynt and AD for the same user, it could lead to issues like the one you're experiencing. Saviynt may not be able to locate the user in AD due to the discrepancy in the naming attributes.

Rushikesh Vartak
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