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EntraID (AAD) Account Filter not filtering all accounts

New Contributor
New Contributor

We are using the ACCOUNTS_FILTER to filter out service accounts which we identify as having and attribute set to 1 (we use other numbers to identify other accounts types).  For the most part the filter works we see accounts that were imported before the filter was in place become set as inactive and accounts which have been added to the system after the filter not come in.

However when we were looking at other issues we've come across a very small number of account which should have been filtered out (or set as inactive) are still active.

We've checked the usual obvious things, blank space next the to number etc but there's no obvious differences between these account and the other accounts that have been filtered correctly.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. 



Check status threshold config

Rushikesh Vartak
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New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Rushikeshvartak,

Could you please let me know what you mean by checking the status threshold config?

The JSON for this is below, but I don't see the connection between this and the account filter.

"statusAndThresholdConfig": {
"accountThresholdValue": 10000,
"appAccountThresholdValue": 50,
"correlateInactiveAccounts": true,
"statusColumn": "customproperty42",
"activeStatus": ["true"],
"deleteLinks": true,
"inactivateAccountsNotInFile": true