Entitlement restrictions for same entitlement type

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We have a use case to restrict selection of some entitlements if a certain entitlement is selected. For example, for Entitlements A, B, C. If A is selected, we cannot select Entitlement B.

All these are of same entitlement type, I know we can restrict the selection using Entitlement Mapping, however that can restrict Entitlement Type 2 based on selection of Entitlement Type 1.

Is there any similar functionality for a single entitlement type?


Akhil Vatsa



You can still use entitlement map to achieve the requirement I believe. Add Entitlement B as Entitlement map of Entitlement A with Exclude entitlement as true

Refer the below documentation on more clarity on Exclude Entitlement option.


Exclude Entitlement

Enables or disables to exclude the mapped entitlement values in the ARS request when the user selects the parent entitlement. The options are:

  • ON: Use this option to exclude the mapped entitlement values of the parent entitlement.

  • OFF: Use this option to disable excluding the mapped entitlement values of the parent entitlement. By default, it is disabled.

Using Exclude Entitlement on Single Entitlement Type

Let us consider an application with entitlement type EntType 01, where "EntType01" contains entitlement values Entitlement 01, Entitlement 02, Entitlement 03, Entitlement 04, and Entitlement 05. You can define the entitlement mapping to exclude 'Entitlement 03' and 'Entitlement 05' when the user selects 'Entitlement 01' in the request form.

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Hi @akhilvatsa @Sivagami 

We have similar requirement (slight change) -

if user select one entitlement name contains "Adobe" (for ex :Adobe Sign Admin),  we should not allow user to select another entitlement which has "Adobe" again (for ex: Adobe Sign Community User,Adobe Sign Integration User etc should not be allowed)



any inputs how to achieve ?


Yes you can use same solution as above.

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