Entitlement hierarchy Job Failure

New Contributor
New Contributor

I was trying to do schema-based entitlement association import. I edited the sample file for entitlement hierarchy provided at Uploading Entitlements using Schema Based Upload (saviyntcloud.com) with custom data and followed the steps given in the documentation.

After running the file based entitlement import job it showed the status as failure. The response tab had this error "Error_In_Entitlements2_Schema_File_Import (Schema
did not have any csv meta data)".

But after opening the job details it is showing success - true and the entitlements are also mapped when checked by opening the entitlement details.

Why is it showing failure then?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Attached are the sample CSV files. SAV files can be found from the documentation link you sent.

Please make sure that your files are in the same format as below.

If you still continue to face an issue, then raise an FD ticket.