Entitlement attributes import from SOAP

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I'm using the SOAP connector for one of my integrations with Saviynt. 

In ACCOUNTS_IMPORT_JSON i currently have:

"CONNECTION1": "Acccounts_Accesses",
"REQUESTXML1": "........",
"RESPONSEDATAPATH1": "Body.Response.children()",
"ACCOUNTMAPPING1": "Name:Username,accountID:Username,Displayname:Name,customproperty1:Status",
"Profiles": "ListOfProfiles.Profile"
"CONNECTION2": "Accesses",
"REQUESTXML2": "....",
"RESPONSEDATAPATH2": "Body.Response.children()",
"ENTITLEMENTMAPPING2":{"Profiles": "ProfileName"}

These configurations correctly imported all accounts and account/entitlement mapping from the 1st connection and all remaining entitlements, only with the entitlement_value attribute, from the 2nd connection. However, the 2nd call provides more information on the Profiles, such as ids, dates and owners, which i also wanted to import to Saviynt.

I've tried multiple configurations for ENTITLEMENTMAPPING2 but i am never able to import any other attribute other than the entitlement_value. What should i write in ENTITLEMENTMAPPING2 to ensure that for each Profile Name, as entitlement_value, i'm also importing a DISPLAYNAME, ENTITLEMENTID, and a couple of custom properties?

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ENTITLEMENTMAPPING2 just import mapping not the entitlement metadata


Thank you for the feedback!

In that case what can i use to import the entitlement metadata with the SOAP connector?

Using entitlement inport


Sorry but could you please provide some further detail on what/where entitlement import is in the SOAP connector? 

How should i use it?

Thank you.

Entitlement Import will be used to update entitlement level  metadata


Can you please clarify how to use the entitlement import has i haven't seen an example anywhere, i am having the same problem. I am not able to map the rest of the data apart from the entitlement value. 

Hi @rushikeshvartak,

Could you please take another look at this issue? 

There appears to be no entitlement related field in the connector. I've tried taking this question up to Saviynt's support but they refuse to give me a clear answer. 

At this point, and knowing from experience that Saviynt's documentation is often incomplete and not reliable for the version of Saviynt we are implementing (, I'm not even sure if this functionality is just not offered for SOAP connections or if it is a bug in my version which has already been fixed in more recent versions.

Thank you.



Could you please provide some further detail on how i could implement this in the SOAP connector

There appears to be no entitlement related field in the connector.

Thank you!