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We have two endpoints A and B. The requirement is, whenever user requests Endpoint A through ARS, a new account task should also be created for Endpoint B automatically once request is submitted through ARS

Currently, we tried adding Endpoint A as a Mapped Endpoint to Endpoint B, which allowed selecting Endpoint A through ARS, but it did not generate any tasks for Endpoint B after request was submitted

Please note we do not want this to be achieved using entitlement mapping, Associated entitlement where requesting particular entitlement in Endpoint A will generate required tasks for Endpoint B


Amit Kumar


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Akumar00 ,

Without having an entitlement from endpoint B assigned to 'Entitlements with new account' of endpoint A, it will not create any new account task for endpointt B.

Mapped endpoint means, if you're adding endpoint B as a mapped endpoint of endpoint A, then it means to have an account for endpoint B, you need to have an account in it's mapped endpoint (in your case endpoint A). So it will not create any task for mapped endpoint.

Please refer to the mapped endpoint section in below document:




Hi Pruthvi,


Than you for your response.

Is there any possible way to achieve the requirement as stated in post like using 'Workflows', 'Technical Rules' etc in Saviynt.



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Akumar00 

Can you check if the post below helps? In the post, I have provided a sample query that checks if the user has an account in the endpoint(endpointkey = 6) similarly you can check if the user has an account in endpoint 'A', and then in the same technical rule you try assigning an account for endpoint 'B'