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Encrypted CPs in Saviynt

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Team,

In rest connector, createaccountjson and updateaccountjson in Prod, we are using the encrypted user custom properties provided by Saviynt by default, to store confidential phone numbers.

For around 50 k accounts these are processed correctly where for few hundreds in target app, they fails with error too long. This is beaucse saviynt does not depcryt  the value and try to  set the pass the encrpyted values in the rest call. 

WHt this would happen? Is there a way that saviynt can helps us to decrpyt the enpcryted value that is printed in target application logs. It might helps us to validate for any failure while decryption. In saviynt logs, no error occurs and the task is completed successfully.

We are using encryptedCp1, encryptedCp2 & encryptedCp3 in the Create and Update Account JSONs.






encrypted value can't be printed in decrypted way. Please raise FD ticket to get further information.

Rushikesh Vartak
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