Enable the account and request the entitlements while enabling the account

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we have a requirement to enable the account and request entitlements(dynamic) at the time of enabling the accounts from ARS.

Is it possible to enable the account and request the entitlements while enabling the account?

Currently, there is no visible option to select the entitlements while enabling the account.

Do we need to enable any global configuration to enable this?

To select the entitlement first we need to enable the account then after that again we have to follow same procedure to request entitlement

But we want to select the entitlement in the same process like 1st enable account, 2nd request entitlement, 3rd add comments and 4th submit

Is this possible?

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Aditya Chadde



This is not supported.

workaround, you can enable account as part of modify account request

Hi @rushikesh vartak,

If account is inactive only option is there is to remove account and enable account.

Is it possible to modify account?

We are attaching one dynamic attribute to account to assign entitlement.

We select the value in dynamic entitlement which will create the update account task and after the completion of update account entitlement is assigned to the user

But when we are enabling the account we are unable to see this dynamic attribute.

Is there is any other way to do this?

How we can enable the account by using modify account option. Modify account option is not visible

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Aditya Chadde

Enable/ Disable does not come with dynamic attributes