Enable endpoint for "Request My access" but NOT for "Request access for others"

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New Contributor III

We have a requirement where in for one endpoint , anyone can request access for anyone. We tried enough to not have this as requirement from business but no luck.

Can we do it?

The initial thought were that I will create a sav role for that application and add all app user to that sav role. Enable request access for others for that sav role. 

In the access query of other endpoints , not in (these sav role users). But then they cant request access for themselves also for other endpoints. Where we wanted them to not see other endpoints while using REQUEST ACCESS FOR OTHERS.

Request access for others - Only one "ENDPOINT A" IS ALLOWED - Only for the users that have endpoint account already.

Request New Access for self - All Endpoint


Thanks in advance!!



You can’t hide application but you can have dynamic attribute which will block submitting request

how to do that? is it by making that attribute mandatory and show it only when user is requesting for himself?

Is thr a standard way to do that/ disabling submit button?

Submit button wont be disabled but if no value populated then user can’t proceed request.