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Email job empties the queue and it does not send all emails

New Contributor III
New Contributor III
Hi all, does anyone have any tips for the issue below?
Assuming all the levels of approvals have been completed and then email job is run, only the last email for the approval is sent. 
When email job was ran between each approval step, emails were received, but if we don’t run the job until the final step of the approval, then only the last email will be sent
Steps to replicate the issue:
1. request for any entitlement that has multi level approval needed. After the whole approval process is completed, run the email job. Now it is possible to observe that only one email notification is received and there should have been multiple.
2. do exactly the same request as in step 1 but this time run the email job after each approval. Now we can observe that there is email notification sent in every step. 

Step 1 is the behavior that we do not want. How can we get all emails to be sent even if email job is not ran after each approval step?

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

You must set the Email History Job (EmailHistoryJob) job at periodic intervals to send email notifications for various access request and approval actions. You cannot get all email at once.

Please refer to following document for more details :


Rakesh M Goudar