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New Contributor III


I am considering using Entitlement's customproperty2 as a endpoint name in campaign.

so we are putting endpoint names to all the entitlements that will be reviewed in the campaign.

What I am wondering is, If we can change the name "Customproperty2" to "Endpoint name or Appname" in the Campaign. So the reviewer would easily know where this entitlement came from.

the version we have is 5.5SP3, Can this be supported ? If not, It would work for a further upgraded version ?



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Joon,

In 5.5 version these are not modifiable from UI. please raise support ticket or work with your CSM to check the possibility.

From v2021 onwards these are supported via label management as below.


Thanks & Kind Regards,

You need to update in messages.properties with help of saviynt freshdesk

Refer same post https://forums.saviynt.com/t5/identity-governance/campaign-show-access-attributes-is-not-updated-wit... 

Joon is my team member. Thanks for answering his question. 

is this available in our current version (5.5 3.12)?

if you don’t have messages properties table then you need to do from backend

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New Contributor III

Hello Rushike,

I have tried to change it in message.properties like below by Freshdesk's help.


but still couldn't get the name in the actual campaign. What is about "Backend" that you mentioned?


Does restart done after above changes ? Does label also visible on UI while creating new certification ?

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


is the endpointname itself not available in the campaign configuration ?

Which campaign type is this ?

Avinash Chhetri

Its user manager campaign

We cant use endpoint name. In one system and one endpoint, there are multiple entitlements used by various systems which we have app names in ev.customproperty2. So we would like to add all app name in this field for all application.

I don't quite understand what you mean when you say : In one system and one endpoint, there are multiple entitlements used by various systems...

Avinash Chhetri

Ok. There is one endpoint with hundreds entitlements but its used by various system. This is auth of our org. So to make constant with other endpoints.

Our requirement is

Ev.customproperty2 = app name for auth db endpoint

Ev.customproperty2 = endpoint.displayname for other endpoint.

Long story short. We need to rename column name of entitlement customproperty2 in campaign. Please let us know why it didnt work.

Pls help us its urgent for us

Below is correct Variable name

Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY1.ATTESTATIONS= Entitlement Custom Property 1
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY2.ATTESTATIONS= Entitlement Custom Property 2
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY3.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 3
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY4.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 4
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY5.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 5
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY6.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 6
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY7.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 7
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY8.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 8
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY9.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 9
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY10.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 10
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY11.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 11
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY12.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 12
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY13.ATTESTATIONS= Entitlement Custom Property 13
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY14.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 14
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY15.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 15
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY16.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 16
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY17.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 17
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY18.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 18
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY19.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 19
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY20.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 20
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY21.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 21
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY22.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 22
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY23.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 23
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY24.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 24
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY25.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 25
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY26.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 26
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY27.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 27
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY28.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 28
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY29.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 29
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY30.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 30
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY31.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 31
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY32.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 32
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY33.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 33
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY34.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 34
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY35.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 35
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY36.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 36
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY37.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 37
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY38.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 38
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY39.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 39
Ent_CUSTOMPROPERTY40.ATTESTATIONS=Entitlement Custom Property 40

Restart is done but we were checking from one already lauched. Let me open new one

I tried to re-launch it but it still not reflected


FD team configured this like below. is this correct in massege.properties file?


Looks like they didn't change below. Do you think we need to ask them to change here as well?


yes followed by restart


Whats differences between Cert.ent_customproperty2.attestation