Does User Update Request allow us to validate any specific schedule Job running

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have use case that would like to not proceed for User Update from the Form Submit when workday job is running.

We have scenario that Immediate offboarding need to be executed manually from Saviynt on demand. As part of this user update request, we initiate the offboarding process by updating customproperty fields accordingly and initiate the offboard flow. These field values help us not to kickoff the rehire process when workday import job running. 

We have identified some situations like immediate offboarding and rehire processes are invoked one after the other when someone initiate the immediate offboarding from Saviynt manually at the same time workday import jobs is running. This looks like,  workday preprocessor rule at Saviynt running by that time offboarding process initiated and updating custom property field values. 

So, we dont have any issues if we initiate the manual offboarding from Saviynt before/after 10 mins of workday job running time.

To avoid above situation, will user update request form allows us to validate job status on click of Submit or on click of User update request link under user management. Feel free to provide any workable solution if not job status check.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@SureshPatike , currently user update rule does not have capability to check for any specific are running.