Differences between Provisioning Job (WSRETRYJOB) and Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRe

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Let me ask you a question about Provisioning Job (WSRETRYJOB) and Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRetryJob).

① I don't understand the difference between them in the description.
Can you tell me the difference between them and why enabling Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRetryJob) setting disables Provisioning Job (WSRETRYJOB)?

② Also related to the above question, are there any disadvantages to using Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRetryJob)?

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@JohnDoe  Using WSRETRYJOB will open child triggers/jobs and then will close the parent job with success status. While WSBlockingRetryJob will also create child triggers/jobs but the parent job will not close/complete until all its child jobs/triggers are completed. Because of this only one instance of WSBlockingRetryJob can be in executing at any time.

From implementation perspective , wsretry can be used as a standalone job or can be part of the triggerchain as the last job only. While wsblockingretry can be used in the middle of triggerchange also for achieving some specific requirements.