dependent entitlement flag in Account_entitlement1 table


I want to understand if there is a flag showing if the entitlement was provisioned by another entitlement mapped as dependent entitlement in account_entitlement1 table or anywhere else?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @ejeong,

You can try checking the "ASSIGNEDFROMCHILD" attributes in the "account_entitlements1" table. This attributes indicate whether an entitlement is assigned from a child role or not. The available values for this attributes are:

- '0' - Indicates that the entitlement is not assigned.
- '1' - Indicates that the entitlement is assigned.

Additionally, there is a table called "entitlementmap" that you can explore for further information.

You can find more details about the schema and model in the Saviynt documentation for ref: ( ).


AssignedfromchildRole is different from what i thought...i think

It seems related to Role object.

I know there is entitlement map table. But what i need to know is if ent was provisioned by mapped entitlement at that time..  not like if this ent has any mapped entitlement.