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Dependent applications - Access request

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


We have an AD dependent applicantion(Application-ZZZ), which contains licenses.

For any user, there should be maximum one license(Access) assigned.

So we have added the below config in endpoint, and made the requestable option as Single select dropdown.


If is working fine if the user edits the existing entitlement and select a new one.

But if the user deletes the existing entitlement and adds a new one - as shown in the screenshot, then its creates Additional tasks(remove access and update account).





Can we avoid the creation of additional tasks( update account tasks and remove access tasks)?


Thanks in advance.


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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @HarishG,

Are there any entries in the logs that indicate when and how the update account task is being created?

The system functions correctly when user edits the existing entitlement and select a new one.

However, if the user deletes the current entitlement and adds a new one, as shown in the screenshot, 

In both scenarios (only "AddAccess" and "RemoveAccess" tasks should be generated),
the generation of additional tasks i.e. "update account" task, should not occur.
Please also check whether any data has been updated in the "request_access_attrs" table.