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DELETE ACCOUNT task type vs REMOVE ACCOUNT task type

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello Team , 

From Actionable Analytics we have created Delete account action as default action for analytics. Now through that task type is getting generated as DELETE ACCOUNT. But we can only configure notification for task type = REMOVE ACCOUNT in endpoint level. So we are not able to trigger delete account notification via analytics. 

Is there any way to generate REMOVE account task type as a default action in analytics ?

If we use the delete account task for AD and Azure AD connector from Analytics Default action, its not actually deleting the accounts in the target but just completes the task in Saviynt. So can we trigger remove account task from Analytics v2?

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Diptansu11,

Please use "Deprovision Account"  as shown in the below as allowed action,


and if required to run analytics through job, then you need to include below in analytics report.
'deprovisionAccount' as Default_Action_For_Analytics

For Ref: 


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Deprovision Account

When Deprovision Account is configured as an allowed action, it deprovisions account of a user from EIC. When this action is performed on a record, a task is created for deprovisioning the account in the target application.

For example, a Box connector account of a user who is no longer with the organization is assigned to an admin or a service account.

The Analytics query must have the columns given below:
acctKey - Stores accountkey of the account which has to be deprovisioned.

Sample query:

  • Schedule from Run All V2 Analytics Job

select,a.accountkey as acctKey, endpointkey, 'deprovisionAccount' as Default_Action_For_Analytics from accounts;
  • Schedule from Run All V1 Analytics Job

select,a.accountkey as acctKey, endpointkey, 'Deprovision Account' as Default_Action_For_Analytics from accounts;

Rushikesh Vartak
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