Defining table ssminlp.DATASET_VALUES to replace special characters

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I am trying to replace special characters using the preprocessor by following this link. but I keep getting the error "Table 'ssminlp.DATASET_VALUES' doesn't exist". How can I create the table so that I can replace special characters?

  1. I tried using the default dataset but FN_EIC_REPLACE(lastname,null) led to the error below
  2. I tried using my own dataset but FN_EIC_REPLACE(lastname,'SPECIAL_CHARS_ADATTRIBUTES') led to the error below: 



"ecm","2023-07-27T20:43:47.069+00:00","{"log":"2023-07-27 20:43:46,259 [http-nio-8080-exec-89] DEBUG services.ImportSAvDataUserService - Processing query..\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-07-27T20:43:46.259776671Z"}"
"ecm","2023-07-27T20:43:47.069+00:00","{"log":"27-Jul-2023 20:43:46.260 WARNING [http-nio-8080-exec-89] groovy.sql.Sql.executeUpdate Failed to execute: UPDATE TEMPNEWUSERS_262813 SET customproperty50 = FN_EIC_REPLACE(lastname,'SPECIAL_CHARS_ADATTRIBUTES') because: Table 'ssminlp.DATASET_VALUES' doesn't exist\n","stream":"stderr","time":"2023-07-27T20:43:46.260994798Z"}"
"ecm","2023-07-27T20:43:47.069+00:00","{"log":"2023-07-27 20:43:46,261 [http-nio-8080-exec-89] ERROR services.ImportSAvDataUserService - Error while processing data: \n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-07-27T20:43:46.261813945Z"}"
"ecm","2023-07-27T20:43:47.069+00:00","{"log":"com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'ssminlp.DATASET_VALUES' doesn't





Please share query and also try lowercase dataset_values

I am not referring to DATASET_VALUES in the preprocessor, so there's no place to make it lower case. 

According to the Saviynt doc, I added the following to PREPROCESSQUERIES section of the preprocessor:


where SPECIAL_CHARS_ADATTRIBUTES is a dataset I created. It has two columns: searchChar,newChar, and it has values like "Á,A"

Looking at error it seems you can't use dataset_Values / refer inside preprocessor 

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Please read the Saviynt doc and my previous comment, I am NOT calling dataset_values in my preprocessor.  

Please ask engineering about this issue.

Do you have below dataset SPECIAL_CHARS_ADATTRIBUTES under datasets in admin ? if yes does it have values , Please provide screenshot

I do but it has no dataset_values. What values should go into it?



Hi Rushikesh V

Please provide an update on this issue. I need to know how to remove special characters from identity data because using REPLACE statements is not feasible when there's a lot of characters to replace.

I've searched through the forums and no one seems to have gotten it to work. If Saviynt EIC doesn't with the db function fn_eic_replace , it shouldn't be documented in


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Hi ,

Here is the response we received from Saviynt on the FD raised for the same issue on v23.5. 

This is known issue with FN_EIC_REPLACE  , an internal jira created for this issue and will let you know the fix version once jira is closed